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We are 100% Extra Virgin

Bio Organic

One of the best olive oils in the world

Aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico

EVOO E-Oliva Ecological

We are committed to product excellence, working to offer E-Oliva at its very best. All of our Olive Oils are Extra Virgin.
At E-Oliva we are certified by the CCPAE (Catalonian Council for Ecological Agricultural Production), guaranteeing the product’s full traceability. Respect and Cooperation with Nature is our maxim.

E-Oliva guarantees

TablaRecurso 6eco

Organic certification

Logotipo-vamosaver.tvRecurso 11arbol

Cold harvesting

e-olivaRecurso 12frio

Cold extraction

TablaRecurso 9botella

Careful packaging. Protection from light (oxidation).

Aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico

Dip the arbequina

Our oils are for apt for dipping bread

Aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico

Dress your salads

Delight your palate with a unique flavour

Our olive oils

Excellent quality, 100% ORGANIC

Green arbequina

  • Fresh and fruity, balanced, and with a pleasant tanginess.
  • Made with green olives with a yellowish tip. A strong flavour with tinges of green fruit, herbs and almonds.
  • Ideal with fish, shellfish, salads, vinaigrettes, ice cream and to round out different dishes.

Sweet arbequina

  • With a ripe fruitiness, balanced and sweet.
  • Made with ripe olives. Intense flavour with touches of ripe, sweet fruit.
  • Ideal to enhance the flavour of your dishes. Meats, salads, sauces and desserts.

We are 100% Extra Virgin

Organic &

The best taste for your meals


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Fast and safe deliveries with our transport company

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